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Linux Celtic AttackLinux Stuff

JBCDPlayer (alpha 1)
Description: a quick and dirty gtk1.2 frontend for cdda2wav to play cd audio music under linux (but not only i think) with computers that don't have an analog cable to the sound card (like Apple PowerBook Titanium)

    So I give the command line (RTFM before asking anything) :
<< cdda2wav -D 0,0,0 -K /dev/dsp -e /dev/null -t 1 >>

jbcd_player first screen shot jbcd_player second screenshot

Hardware  Related:

Sony Vaio VGN-FE21B

Apple  Titanium  Onyx: (550 and 667Mhz)
    Tools to install: (use google search)
        Power Management: pmud
        Keyboard( brightness, sound, eject): pbbuttonsd

    Configuration for X11 XFree  4.3.0 :
        US Keyboard, TouchPad, Radeon, Screen Copy on VGA  output port having timing problem
        US Keyboard, TouchPad, Radeon, Xinerama (YES it works !!!)

    Kernel 2.4.19  and  Modules  Binaries  2.4.19 : (works pretty well but lost the config)
        RadeonFB,  ADB, Airport,  Firewire,  IDE-SCSI , Sound, USB, PCMCIA, IRDA, Suspend.
    Supported FS: ext2-3, reiserfs,hfs,nfs,ufs,udf,msdos,vfat,iso9660...etc...

        X11 Xorg conf
    Kernel Configuration Same as 2.4.19, Apple agp_gart, hfs+ ...etc...

    Frame Buffer mode:
mode "1152x768-55"
#D : 64.994 Mhz, H: 44.154 kHz, V: 54,701 Hz
geometry 1152 768 1152 768 8
timings 15386 168 26 29 3 136 6

Hydroponics Image Hydroponics Stuff
        French booklet about hydroponics (building the hydroponic system and about growing)
        - mail me <julien.boucaron@free.fr> to have the link

Mechanic Image Mechanic Stuff

Turbo_calc:    WIN32 Binary
         A small piece of software done after reading "Turbo Chargers" by Hugh MacInnes.The software depends on the FLTK ToolKit (small and easy to build and use).This software is released under the GNU GPL, tested on Linux and Win32 (mingw).

Description: Given size of the motor, rpm, air temperature, pressure ratio, efficiency of the turbo and intercooler and pressure drop the software compute CFM, temperature, density ...etc...

turbo_calc screenshot

Current car project:

        Zezette's Car Specs:
  • oversized hybrid space frame and back-bone chassis (steel RHS and tubes)
  • transversal motor rear wheel drive (1.6 16V Nissan - about 100 BHP)
  • dual wishbones (front)
  • fully adjustable geometry : 
    • castor and slip angle.
    • quasi-constant wheel-base under load.
    •  adjustable rocker factor.
    •  variable height.
    • possibility to go to progressive  suspension acting on the geometry (like ProLink, MonoCross, FullFloater...etc...).
    • possibility to modify to 4 directive wheels (such as car races on ice) or like Lotus Elise.
    Photos now available:
Sleeping for one year....
  •     strengthening (second stage) the main beam (planning done)
  •     strengthening (second stage) passenger and driver part (in progress)
  •     front suspension (planning done)
  •     steering, arm, wheel hubs (planning done, parts to buy)
  •     rear part with motor ...etc... (done)
  •     rear chassis (planning)

  Current Bike Stuff:
Mosquito hunt !
Some useful links for the
Suzuki SV650 S 2002:

My Low Cost Tuning for SV:
It just take little money to change a dangerous bike, with a safer and quicker one.
Before getting some BHP, have a look to tires, fork, brakes, shocks...

    Fork, Brakes:

    • Modification of the fork, too soft and has no valve. Replaced oil with 20 W SAE and White Power progressive springs (I did not put the shims, too hard). Cost 15€  (fork oil) Cost  120 € (WP springs).
    • Change front brake pads with  EBC Metal. It is really easy to do stoppies while you do not want to do this ;-). Cost 50€
    • Change front brake fluid each year and regular airbleeding. Cost 15€
    • Modification of the height of oil of the fork, added 50ml of SAE 20W in each fork leg (above recommended height described in the manual of WP springs), I fully relax the progressive spring (about 30mm of SAG bike only, with me add about 20mm of SAG). Result softer on the first 20 mm and after lot of margin when really pushing on the front brake, better cornering. May be a little bit too hard, but this is too soon to have a definitive answer, not done enough miles. Cost 15€
After let's take some BHP
  • Removed ignition retard see links before. It is difficult to feel the difference but seems to be  better on  2nd and 3rd gear, safer for the rev limiter. Cost 0€.
  • Added 2 degrees of advance on the ignition through modification of the pick up position. An huge improvement in low and mid-range RPM. With this modification the old SV accelerate just like a 650 K5 SV with a Devil exhaust. (I should add 2 more degrees) Cost 0€
  • Modification of the snorkel of the air filter, remove about 30mm at the near end of the inner pipe (One time i remove the snorkel, loud sound, no more torque at low revs... unefficient in my case). Helps to have a broader and higher "chord" from 7000 until 9000 rpm and at the same time, less clogging of the air filter. Cost 0€.
  • Modification of the tank support through 2 shims of 5mm, helps to air breath the little motor. With the previous modification (and next one), you will fill the change. Cost 0€
  • Modification of crankcase breather pipes on the air box, because my SV was eating so much oil  because I love to push. The trick is to adjust at least the 2 pipes connected to the airbox (drill at least to the diameter of the internal pipes, which is not done by Suzuki....), and you can also add two more pipes (my case). The little motor push like a bull until the rev limiter. Slightly less need to add oil. Cost 3€ (aluminium tube of 10mm in a home depot)
  • Change spark plugs with colder ones (NGK Something 9). Cost 20€
  • Modification for the "depression hat" of the carbs, drilling bigger hole (1,5mm if i remember). Result better throttle response. Cost 0€



    Student Img   Research Stuff
Current Position: 3rd year Ph.D student in AOSTE Team - INRIA Sophia-Antipolis.

Research Interests:


Student stuff:
        French Master Thesis in Computer Science : "sc2ic" with Johnathan STREIT and Gilles ROSA.
        French DEA in Computer Science : "scc"


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