About me

This is the homepage of Julien Boucaron.



Software Developer (Short French, not up.).

Network and System Administrator (Short French, not up.).

  • Problem and Service driven, I like to fix and build things, and I like to help teammates and customers.
  • Open mind and curious by nature, I like to extend my skills in different ways.
  • Organized, efficient and adaptable.

Work Experience:

03/2010 – Present : INTRASOFT International (Luxembourg)

Senior Software Programmer, technical lead of the XTNET server team, managing 2 Senior Software Programmers.

  • In charge of submitting technical offers to our Customers (many different products and projects), including:
    • Assisting our Customers in clarifying their needs and solving blocking or critical production issues.
    • Writing requirements/specifications/design documents
    • Proposing state-of-the-art solutions, ensuring they meet all needs and constraints
    • Estimating time and resources requirements with risk analysis
    • Translating needs into technical objectives for the implementation team
    • Meeting presentation, demos
  • Staffing: CVs selection, recruitment interviews, responsible for the choice of the selected candidate.
  • Project management:
    • Planning and coordinating the tasks of the implementation team in fast pace and quickly changing contexts,
    • Projects follow-up (quality of deliverables, deadlines)
    • Proactively analyzing performance issues and find ways to improve work processes
    • Knowledge management :
      • Training new software developpers on the XTNET server.
      • Explaining business and implementation rules to developpers, testers in other teams implementing clients.
  • Software engineering:
    • More than 50,000 lines of C code written to extend the data warehousing system that computes the external trade statistics in Eurostat.
    • Code refactoring : more than 20,000 lines of C code refactored to ease maintenance
    • Algorithm redesign and reimplementation : correctness, scalability, performances
    • Introduce new datastructures to ease introduction of new features and abstract away low level backend details

01/2008 – 03/2010: INRIA (France)

Lead Developer on KPASSA v2:

  • restart from scratch a previous software made in the team, due to a need for a modular design.
  • huge improvements on runtime (algorithms).
  • adding an easy to use and customizable gui.


  • implementing optimizations for latency-insensitive design: new dynamic scheduled implementation, fifo sizing (see Publications).
  • involved in 2 projects French ANR HelP and ST Nano 2012 SystemTLM.

10/2004 – 12/2007: INRIA (France)

PhD Student R&D:

  • implementing latency-insensitive design: dynamic scheduled implementation, static scheduled implementations (see Publications).
  • introducing the new model of computation: Kahn-extended Event Graphs, it introduces “static” routing in Event Graphs as first class object. This enables to perform correct-by-construction transformations on the network topology, and to introduce “static control” in Event Graphs: for instance, to synthesize for loops.

10/2000 – 10/2001: WAIDAN S.A. (France)

Network and System Administrator:

  • build from scratch the IT infrastructure for a start-up in telecommunications: 27 people, 35 workstations and 10 servers.

10/1998 – 09/2000: part-time work at Orange Labs (formerly FT R&D)

Junior Developer:

  • implemented a web service to read emails and store user preferences in an ldap server: java, jsp, servlet, jndi and jdbc.

System Administrator:

  • daily help-desk for windows stations (around 150 machines), few optimizations done to speed up the installation and maintenance process.
  • server installations and maintenance for windows, linux and solaris: for instance, building a cluster of webservers using linux virtual server.

Sys and Net Admin Skills:

  • Operating Systems: Unix (Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD, NetBSD, Irix, OpenBSD), Windows,  Solaris (sparc/x86), MacOSX, DOS.
  • Linux Distros: Debian based (debian, ubuntu), RPM based (fedora, rh, yellowdog), gentoo, slackware…
  • Packaging tools: innosetup, nullsoft installer, debian packaging tools.
  • Mail Servers: sendmail, postfix, exim4, cyrus, Microsoft Exchange.
  • FTP Servers: proftpd, vsftpd.
  • WWW Servers: apache (+tomcat…), netscape.
  • LDAP Servers: openldap, netscape.
  • DB Servers: postgresql, mysql, oracle.
  • File Servers: nfs, cifs (samba), netapp.
  • Backup: netbackup, time navigator, rsync.
  • Firewall:  Linux iptables (ipchains), xBSD netfilters.
  • Authentication:  nis, ldap,  radius, kerberos.
  • Access Servers: ppp, vpn.
  • Misc Servers: dhcpd, named, squid, news, ntp, snmp.
  • Computer Hardware: any x86, sparc, netapp, apple, sgi.
  • Network Hardware: cisco.

Programming Skills:

  • Programming Languages: C, C++, Java, Perl, JavaScript, Shell Scripts, Php, Assembly.
  • Web and DB related Programming Languages: xml (xsd, ipxact, uml), html, jsp, sql.
  • Hardware Programming Languages: verilog, vhdl, systemc.
  • Synchronous Languages: esterel, synccharts, lustre, signal.
  • Parallel languages and lib: PVM, MPI, Intel TBB, Nvidia Cuda, OpenCL.
  • Programming tools: eclipse, visual studio, ant, make, autotools (autoconf, automake…), cvs, svn.
  • Compiler Tools: flex, bison, antlr, llvm.
  • GUI Programming: qt4, fltk, gtk, swing.
  • Java Programming: servlet, jsp, jdbc, jndi, jni, reports with iText.
  • C++ Programming: stl, boost, xerces, gmp.
  • Misc: doxygen, dot.



  • PhD, Computer Science, University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis (achieved in INRIA), 2007.
  • MS, Computer Science, University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis, 2004.


  • Native French Speaker.
  • Fluent English.