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Tango Luxembourg, throughput problem (but not only… ;))

Since a few days, I have my connection that slowdowns from around 512KB to a mere 100KB (any time).

I performed a warm and a cold reboot a few time on the box. The throughput is the same (as in the previous months) on both up and down stream.

But the “real” throughput remains the same and I cannot go further 100KB (of course, using different servers that have enough bandwidth to fill my small ADSL line ;) ).

I checked the box: nothing.

I checked the WIFI net: nothing, whatever.

Using the ethernet cable, the same, a pity only 100KB !

So, I called on a monday after 3 days with this mere throughput. I had a pleasant girl on the phone: she asked me what is the up/down stream throughput on the box (see attached screenshot), we performed a throughput check (see attached screenshot). She noticed that it was very very slow. She asked me for my phone number for the technician to perform the check.

Next day, no call or any email.

So, I callback Tango because the throughput is still the same (100KB)

The guy tells me that the technician did not find any issue, the throughput of the modem is …blabla… 6000Kbps/s…

I said ok, I know this is not the issue: there is something bad upstream.

First, the guy on the phone tells me that it is not possible.

Bad try men ;) I explained him what I have checked to ensure that it is not coming from my side.

Even so, he tried to argue (let’s say argue ;) ) to say that it is an issue on my side. Then, I explained what check I had performed, he understood that it was ok for that part.

After explaining him (a few times) that there is an issue upstream, he finally arrives to the conclusion that it was not an issue on the modem and that there is something bad elsewhere  (Lol, what a great moment).

I asked him if he was able to notify the information to a technician guy.

And of course, he cannot.

Curious, I tried to ask him why, but he closed the call in such way: for him it was not a problem, he did not want to discuss the issue or forward it, and I have to deal with that…

Lovely not ? Tango in Luxembourg…




Tango Luxembourg as some throughput problem… and many other problems…

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