Shelley language

Me and BenoƮt Ferrero, Anthony Coadou have started a new language called Shelley (Software HardwarE Light LanguagE Yep !), because this language is also our Frankenstein ;-)

This language mixes a lot of features from slightly different languages: C++,Java,Cg,Cuda,HPF,Verilog,VHDL,Lustre…etc… We just want to have a powerful language to describe easyly usual sequential software, vectorized software/hardware and also have a simple formal semantic for the hardware parts, to ease the use of formal methods (model-checking for instance) on those last ones.

The language is having a strong taste of C++,Java and Verilog but with a lot of modifications.

There is slightly more detailed documentation is available there:

There is also a relatively stable grammar and its parser that can be found on the svn of shelley and a lot of examples there: